Women's March San Diego

Sarah bacerra

2019 March Co-Director & Programming Co-Chair


Sarah Bacerra is a highly energetic, dynamic speaker and activist and has spent much of her career in leadership development and learning effectiveness. She has been speaking publicly for nearly a decade and has presented at more than 100 events, speaking on topics of that are her passion: women in leadership, inclusion, and more. Sarah has also had the privilege of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups, supporting them by way of strategic business coaching, execution of educational program development, and vital alliance-building.

Sarah joined the WMSD team in 2017, serving as the 2018 & 2019 March Programming Co-Chair and 2019 March Co-Director. On the whole, Sarah is trying to leave the world a little better than how she found it and is thrilled to continue her involvement with Women's March San Diego. Sarah’s march inspiration are her two little marchers, Lily (8) and Ruby (5).

Sarah holds a bachelor degree in Media Studies from University of Illinois, and a master of Organizational Management from Ashford University.

Sarah’s Strengthsfinder Top 5: Includer Arranger Woo Maximizer Positivity

Amy Epstein-Swazey

Board Member at Large & 2019 March Co-Director


Amy Epstein-Swazey brings experience in developing organizations from scratch and implementing the tools and processes integral to building a non-profit organization. Amy serves as a Board Member at Large, actively working towards building and developing the organization. Amy has taken on roles and responsibilities including Webmaster, 2017-2019 March Logistics/Accessibility/Security Chair, and is the 2019 March Co-Director.

A passionate advocate of all Women’s March Unity Principles, Amy’s march inspiration is her role as the mother of two young boys. A result of the 2016 election, Amy saw the values she instilled in her family being tested, and the outcome of the election led her to attend the very first WMSD meeting.

Amy holds a bachelor degree in International Relations & Business from the State University of New York at Buffalo. After further studies at Columbia University and George Washington University, focusing on Computer Science and IT Risk & Change Management, she also completed a master certificate in Information Technology Project Management and is CSM and PMP certified.

Amy’s Strengthsfinder Top 5: Achiever Command Discipline Developer Communication

Genoveva Aguilar

Board Member at Large


Genoveva Aguilar brings deep experience in organizing and leadership. Genoveva currently serves as a labor organizer, empowering and developing workers every day to reach their maximum potential as leaders at their respective work sites and surrounding communities. As an Board member, Geno lends her voice to setting the strategic mission and to identifying organizational goals, and to ensuring that all voices are represented in our work. Geno has taken on a variety of roles and responsibilities, and since the 2017 march, has led the volunteer peace keeper team to ensure marcher safety.

A native San Diegan, Geno grew up in Barrio Logan where she resides with her husband and son today. In 2014, she was awarded the Women of the Year Award in the 80th Assembly District by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez as well as recognized by San Diego Metro Magazine as one of the 40 under 40 Best and Brightness Minds in San Diego.  

Genoveva holds dual Bachelor degree’s in Sociology and Spanish, with an Ethnic Studies minor from University of San Diego.

Genoveva’s Strengthsfinder Top 5: Arranger Empathy Communication Connectedness Restorative

Monica Boyle, Ph.D.

Board, President

Monica Boyle is a consensus builder and servant leader who brings an analytical eye to her role. Monica was appointed to be the WMSD President in July, 2018. She oversees the strategic mission and identifies organizational goals, while spearheading Community Partnerships for the 2019 march. Monica also serves as the liaison to the Women’s March California Board (voting member), ensuring alignment and the sharing of resources and ideas with sister chapters across the state.

Passionate about diversity and firm in the belief that it is what makes this country unique and strong, Monica grew up living in several states across the U.S. due to her father’s military service. As a scientist, Monica has had the unique opportunity to work with people from around the world, recognizing the essential value our diverse talents and perspectives bring to science, and to our lives. Monica is particularly interested in the promotion of equal opportunities for women in science. You will find Monica spending her free time in the outdoors, often in the local San Diego area mountains.

Monica holds a bachelor degree in Biology and Chemistry from The College of Idaho, and earned a PhD in Developmental Genetics from Rockefeller University. She is an experienced scientist, skilled public speaker and educator with over 20 years in the academic, biotechnology and drug discovery industry in San Diego.

Monica’s Strengthsfinder Top 5: Ideation Learner Analytical Individualization Achiever

Frances Carrillo

Board, Treasurer

Frances Carrillo brings years of non-profit experience in a variety of contexts, from grassroots to statewide efforts. Fran serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the organization, managing finances and establishing controls and procedures to ensure the financial health of the organization. Fran has taken on roles and responsibilities including Board development, Voter Registration and Turn Out partnerships, and leading our Social Media and Marketing efforts.

Fran’s experience is balanced with her belief in mutual respect and kindness, and reminds us to not take ourselves too seriously. This belief sets us up to be successful and have a little fun while we’re at it! Fran’s motivation to join and continue march to mission is informed by a belief that women must speak up to have our voices heard. Frustrated by the disrespect of the current administration toward so many groups, Fran was compelled to do just that by rolling up her sleeves and making things happen!

Fran holds a master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University Graziadio Business School.

Fran’s Strengthsfinder Top 5: Relator Achiever Arranger Analytical Strategic

Poppy Fitch, Ed.D.

Board, Secretary


Poppy Fitch is an educational counselor and administrator whose career spans more than 25 years working in San Diego area community college and university settings. Poppy’s passion is for access and equity in higher education. As Board Secretary, Poppy contributes diplomacy and focuses on organizational growth and development with an eye to ensuring inclusivity and respect for all voices. Poppy has taken on roles such as 2018 and 2019 March Program Co-Chair, content development, social media, and volunteer recruitment and development.

A native San Diegan, Poppy was compelled to join and continue march to mission because she observed the hope that the march inspired in the community, and saw the potential for impact the unified voice of women could effect. Her march inspiration are her two children, her audacious daughter Hannah (20) a college student and assault survivor, and her march to the beat of their own drum child Kane (19) a trans/non-binary person who experiences Autism.

Poppy holds a doctorate in Post-Secondary/Community College Educational Leadership and a master of Education with a specialization in Multicultural Counseling, both from San Diego State University. A former foster youth, Poppy’s research is deeply personal, focusing on the success factors for foster youth who have persisted to college degree completion. In addition to service to Women’s March San Diego, Poppy serves on the board of her Alumni Association at San Diego State University, and is appointed to the San Diego Community Review Board on Police Practices (August, 2018).

Poppy’s Strengthsfinder Top 5: Connectedness Empathy Adaptability Input Ideation

Board members Genoveva Aguilar, Monica Boyle, Frances Carrillo, Amy Epstein-Swazey and Poppy Fitch all joined the Women’s March team on the Sunday after the 2016 election at a community organizing meeting, long before there was a WMSD team!

The Women’s March San Diego team is made stronger by the following leaders (bios forthcoming):

Alissandra Del Nero

JoAnn Fields

Amber Lingle

Lisa Maier

Grace Sesma

Mindy Schwartz

Marcy Shugart

Melissa Slawson

The women of Power Digital Marketing

Our focus continues to be the meaningful inclusion of diverse women on our team, and invite community support as we continue to work toward this goal. While diverse, we acknowledge there are essential voices missing from our table.