July 16, 2019

Dear Marchers,

The onslaught continues. As a nation built by immigrants, this weekend was a particularly hard one for our country.  Planned ICE raids went into effect Sunday in at least 10 major cities, followed by racist statements by the Commander in Chief threw America into further turmoil.

Friday, we rallied against the treatment of those in concentration camps.  Saturday, we marched in remembrance of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.  But, the resistance doesn't rest. Today, we cannot stand by while the administration continues to threaten our ideals of civil, immigrant and refugee rights

These remarks could not be more dangerous, obscene, or inappropriate. The President must be held to account for his racist comments. And those who would remain silent must be taken to task, as well.

If you agree that the racially charged aggression against women, immigrants, and migrants must end immediately, TAKE ACTION today.  Call your representatives now and urge them to stand against racism and misogyny.


In solidarity, on behalf of the entire Women’s March San Diego team.

Monica Boyle, President
Poppy Fitch, Secretary
Fran Carrillo, CFO


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