WMSD Response to Tear Gas Being Used Against Women and Children at the U.S. Southern Border 

This week, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authorities closed the San Ysidro border crossing at the US/Mexico border in San Diego. In an effort to prevent asylum seekers from crossing the border, foot and vehicle traffic was closed at the busiest port of entry on the US/Mexico border. United States border patrol used tear gas on an unarmed group of people consisting mostly of families.

This action represents the militarization of our border in defiance of international law, which prohibits turning away anyone with humanitarian claims or refusing entry to people whose lives are in danger. United States law provides for anyone to come to the US to start the process of submitting asylum claims.

Womens March San Diego objects to these latest actions, which come after months of fearmongering on the caravan. This violence from CBP can be traced directly to the escalating rhetoric and actions of this administration in an effort, not to create solutions, but to create chaos.

Many of the asylum seekers are women and children who are fleeing conditions that threaten their health and safety; they have taken harrowing journeys to seek refuge in our country. Firing tear gas on women, children, and families who are here seeking asylum is both legally and morally wrong. It is not who we are as a nation.

Our objection to these actions is rooted in the Women’s March San Diego Unity Principles.  We believe that Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights, and we believe in immigrant and refugee rights regardless of status or country of origin.  We believe migration is a human right and that no human being is illegal. We understand that women and children are among the most vulnerable of refugees and our moral obligation is to speak for those without voice.


What you can do NOW:


☎️ The Senate is in session. Dial 1-888-204-8353 to connect with your Senators and demand they stop this horrific and growing humanitarian crisis. On Tuesday, the House will be back in session. Call all your members of Congress. See a sample call script below.


📲 Sample Call Script: “Hello, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [Town, Zip.] I’m calling to ask Senator [NAME] to condemn the violation of US and international law that occurred at the US/Mexico border over the weekend when asylum seekers were not only refused entry but attacked with military force. The administration must be held accountable for this immoral and illegal action. I am counting on Senator [NAME] to do everything in her/his power to prevent atrocities like this from happening again and to keep our borders safe for families and asylum seekers as we are bound to do by law. Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter.”

🌎 More information: https://www.npr.org/2018/11/27/670807343/fact-check-whats-happening-on-the-u-s-mexico-border

eGive: The San Diego Rapid Response Network supports the emergency migrant shelter that has helped over 1500 migrant families in the last four weeks. rapidresponsesd.org 

 Rapid Response Date: 11/27/2018