Quality journalism is crucial to a stable democracy, and we need it now more than ever. We rely heavily on news sources to report quickly and accurately on local and national politics. This is no easy task, considering persistent attacks on the first amendment and a significant influx of erroneous information. Fortunately many media outlets are rising to the challenge of covering current events despite the challenges, and appreciate tips about groups that are organizing locally.

If you are organizing an event, or simply know of something media worthy, get the word out. It can be helpful to enlist a friend with PR experience to generate media coverage, but you can also take it upon yourself to inform the media. You can write and distribute a press release, following up with phone calls to news desks.

Major local news outlets in our community:

You can also research specific journalists who cover events like yours, and add them to your media list. Social media is another great way to learn about local journalists and the subjects that they cover, and to catch their attention.