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SAN DIEGO Elected Officials

San Diego Mayor
Kevin Faulconer 619-236-6330

San Diego City Council
Barbara Bry (District 1) 619-236-6611
Lorie Zapf (District 2) 619-236-6622
Chris Ward (District 3) 619-236-6633
Myrtle Cole (District 4) 619-236-6644
Mark Kersey (District 5) 619-236-6655
Chris Cate (District 6) 619-236-6616
Scott Sherman (District 7) 619-236-6677
David Alvarez (District 8) 619-236-6688
Georgette Gomez (District 9) 619-236-6699

California State Representatives for San Diego County
Randy Voepel (71st Assembly District) 619-441-2322
Marie Waldron (75th Assembly District) 760-433-7601
Rocky Chavez (76th Assembly District) 760-433-7601
Brian Maienschein (77th Assembly District) 858-675-0077
Todd Gloria (78th Assembly District) 619-645-3090
Shirley Weber (79th Assembly District) 619-531-7913
Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (80th Assembly District) 619-338-8090

California State Senators for San Diego County
Patricia C. Bates (District 36) 760-642-0809
Joel Anderson (District 38) 760-510-2017
Toni G. Atkins (District 39) 619-645-3133
Ben Hueso (District 40) 619-409-7690

U.S. House of Representatives Members for San Diego County
Darrell Issa (District 49) 202-225-3906
Duncan Hunter (District 50) 202-225-5672
Juan Vargas (District 51) 202-225-8045
Scott Peters (District 52) 202-225-0508
Susan A. Davis (District 53) 202-225-2040

U.S. Senators for California
Dianne Feinstein 202-224-3841
Kamala Harris 202-224-3553